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Vinkale-Tyttö is not afraid of cold

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Tämä peli ei muuten hyydy pakkasilla ( 21.2.2012)

Vinkale-Tyttö and her owner Tapio Virtanen have started a hobby. Photo from the article.

Already twenty-two years old finnhorse mare Vinkale-Tyttö was harnessed for logging some wood from the forest on a cold, bright winter day in Korpilahti, Jyväskylä. Working is nothing new to Vinkale-Tyttö, since she has even won a few work horse championships in earlier years, but now she and her 70-year-old owner Tapio Virtanen have started light working again as a fun hobby, told Tapio’s wife Leena to Ilta-Sanomat tabloid.

The original text and photo were published as a “reader’s photo” short article.


Author: Viivi

I'm a Finnish horse enthusiast. This blog is my tribute for the national horse of Finland. I started in 2009. My aim is to provide information about this multipurpose horse breed in English, in all its variety -as a historical and cultural figure, modern sport horse, friend and a companion.

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