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New big prize race for “ordinary” finnhorses in Mikkeli

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Tavallisille hevosille ison rahan kilpailu Mikkelissä (YLE Etelä-Savo 21.2.2012)

Slowly developed, so called ordinary finnhorses are going to get their own big-prized race. The final race for this 10 000 euro race is held in Mikkeli in June 3rd. The race is for horses with record 1.31 or slower. Participation fee is 120 euro and all payed horses get to participate the elimination races. The Suurmestaruus (grand champion) race takes also place in the beginning of June, so there will be lots of goodies for finnhorse fans even before the trotting championships races in July. :)

This new race with this concept is the first of it’s kind for finnhorses. Earlier the biggest winnings have been shared only in age-class races and open races for the top class horses.

– These “late closer” type races give a chance to many different horses. This concept is quite popular in the United States, tells Mitja Nummenmaa, the Finnish Horse Owners’ Association (SHKL) leader.

– The final day is going to be grat sport to watch. There will be rising stars as well as those horses who already have made their way to the top, says Kaj Närhinen from Mikkeli race track.


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