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First race to Norwegians, still hopes for Sunday

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 Voje Nido ykkönen Pariisissa, Ruletto paras suomenhevonen ( 23.2.2012)

Ruletto neljäs Vincennesin kylmäveriottelussa ( 23.2.2012)

Ruletto (3) placed fourth. Photo: Hippola/Leena Mäenpää-Wirtz

The local driver Franck Nivard showed that he can handle also the coldbloods by tacking to win with Norwegian trotter Voje Nido. The Norwegians were in good shape all the way, since also the second and third places went to our neighbours with Rinde Kvikken and Tin Tveiten.

The Finnish team left for France with high expectations, but winning was not an option today. Ruletto finished best of the Finns placing fourth. Suikun Rilla finished fifth, while Provinssi and Feelis got disqualified.
Drivers were nevertheless happy with their horses and are aiming for better on Sunday’s race.

Ruletto. Photo: Hippola/Leena Mäenpää-Wirtz

“Great horse, finishing fourth after a hard race. He had lot of energy and he worned himself out too soon. He was surprisingly energetic. I am feeling positive about Sunday” said Teemu Okkolin about Ruletto. The pair gained 1 200 euro for their fourth place.

Suikun Rilla would have done better if he had not got some bad luck along the way. Harri Sulku had to dodge the crashing Swedes in the last curve. Suikun Rilla finished below 1.19-km-time and placed fifth.

“We took Suikun Rilla’s shoes off, that saved us seconds. I didn’t have to ask him or even show him the whip at any point” told Harri Sulku. He is also feeling very positive about Sunday.

Hannu Hietanen drove Provinssi carefully, since the horse’s trot didn’t feel quite right.

“He has these problems sometimes, but I hope that he got rid of his stiffs in this race.” Provinssi was eventually disqualified because of his poor gait.

Feelis galloped to disqualification, but Jouni Törmänen saw that it was simply becase of too much steam. He is looking for vengeance on Sunday also.


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