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Prizes raised in the Finnhorse trotting championships

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Kuninkuusravien päälähtöihin palkintokorotus (IS Ravit 20.2.2012)

The ruling trotter queen I.P. Vipotiina

The prizes of the trotter queen and -king trotting races, also known as the finnhorse trotting championships, will have a bit bigger prizes than before. All the part-races will have a 12 000 euro first prize instead of the current 10 000 euro. Last time the prizes were raised was in 2005 when they rose from 9 000 euro/race to 10 000 euro/race.

The finnhorse trotting championships will be raced this year in Mikkeli on 21st and 22nd of July, and Mikkeli will also place their annual international race for warmbloods, St. Michel on the Saturday 21st with the first prize of (lowered) 30 000 euro.

– The prizes have aroused conversation for a long time now. We want to take this case to action with Hippos and show our support for these races as the main event of Finnish harness racing, told Kari Tiainen, CEO of Mikkeli race track.

The finnhorse trotting championship consists of three  races of 1600, 2100 and 3100m in one weekend with the first prize of 12 000 euro each. Mares and stallions reace separately. The winners, trotter queen and trotter king, will be crowned as they reach the lowest total time in these three races and are honoured with winnings of another 30 000 euro. These races are held once  year in a different track, this year at Mikkeli.


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