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Finnhorse team selected for Paris


Feelis, Provinssi, Ruletto ja Suikun Rilla Pariisiin ( 3.2.2012)

Last year’s Finnish team took it all in Vincennes last year by taking all the first four places. The team was honoured in this year’s Ravigaala too. (Photos: Totofoto & Hippola/Eeva Karvonen)

The four finnhorses are participating in two races on Thursday 23rd and Sunday 26th of February in Vincennes, Paris.

The race length  is 2100m with the first prize of 10 000 euro. Feelis and Suikun Rilla will be driven by a French driver on Sunday. This annual race is Vincennes’ eleventh Nordic coldblood race for finnhorses, Swedish and Norwegian coldblood trotters.

Feelis on Heppa database / Sukuposti database

Provinssi Heppa / Sukuposti

Ruletto Heppa / Sukuposti

Suikun Rilla Heppa / Sukuposti


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