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Tennari is a rarity

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Kuukauden työhevonen: Tennari (

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Original text by Kirsti Forssen, shorten & translated version

Photo by Leena Sihvo/Siru Saarinen/Tiina Pehkonen (from the article)

Tennari 1351-02T

b. 2.5 2002
s. Eri-Luonnos
d. Tutotar
breeder Liisa Hytönen, Konnevesi

The worry about finnhorse’s future and narrowing pedigrees made Siru Saarinen and Mari Luukkonen interested in the one-year-old Tennari, whose pedigree is not so common these days. Sire line goes through Luonnos to Uljaanpoika and her maternal sire line through Ihme-Toti to Kirppu.

In this mare there are fine, calm nature and easy driveability in a stiff work horse body. Her work has included all sorts of driving, with a sleigh, a plow and even a hearse carriage. She is a dependable and easy-to work horse, which makes her perfect for any public occasions and even a teaching horse on a logging course.

In the year 2009 Tennari was taken to Toivo Pulliainen for training. The goal was to inspect her for the T-studbook and attend a few pulling competitions. Toivo trained her into fine shape, but got sick and deceased soon. Tennari’s most important job so far has been laying Toivo to rest at Pieksämäki 11th of June 2010.

As an obligation to her uncommon pedigree, Tennari has foaled twice. The sire has been both times stud called R.T. Sankari, also a horse with an uncommon pedigree. The first foal, now gelded Tohvelisankari was born in 2006. The little colt born in 2011 has a planned name Tuohivirsu.


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