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Blog Statistics of 2011

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I just love making these. I am still working on learning how to take screenshots on Linux and crop them in GIMP… :D

First up, statistics from National Treasure’s previous host, (I moved the blog to WordPress in May 2011). The blog still gets quite many hits although it has not been updated since spring..

Altogether (until December 31st 2011 around 1pm)

1820 visits from 1766 different visitors from 47 different countries (unkown countries are count as one).

1. Finland (1219) 2. United States (152) 3. Unknown (73) 4. Germany (54) 5. Russia (37)

And here are the statistics of monthly visitor statistics from WordPress:

I’m impressed! Since May 2011 there have been 2 838 page views, 90 a day at best (on November 2nd).

The Flag Counter was registered 22nd of November and has already collected 34 flags (two of which unknown).

Top visitors are still the Finns, but USA, Netherlands, Sweden and UK made it to the top 5.  :)

I just want to thank all the visitors, commentators and likes on FB, Twitter and WordPress. This encourages me to write even more to know that there actually are interested people to read them. I would be honored if you recommended this site also to your friends, and feel free to comment or rate the posts you like, so I know what you want to see more here.

Have a happy year 2012 all you finnhorse lovers out there! :)


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