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Horse vs. tractor

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Hevonen kyntökisassa traktoreita vastaan ( 2010) translated, all photos from the original article

Uuras, Siru and Tanja plowed well, though their speed was not as fierce as the Valmet on the neighbouring strip.

The tractor plowing championship competition was held 24th to 25th of September,2010 in Mäntsälä. On this event’s first day probably the most audience-attractive competition took place – a horse vs. tractor plowing contest! In this playful-spirited event a finnhorse, a 1959 Valmet and a 300 horse-powered Fendt tractor (the hottest, newest, biggest there is probably :D) all got their strips of field to plow.

Leikkimielisen kyntökisan osallistujat<br /><br /> käskynjaossa kalustoineen.

The contestants in line hearing the rules.

The jury judged the performances in many aspects, for example exploitation of biofuel, emissions, dressing, the best team cheers and also the audience’s encouragement’s loudness. These judging methods were also able to change during the contest. After “tough thinking” the jury ended up to declare the contest a tie. ;)

The 2010 horse plowing contest’s silver medalist Uuras represented the genuine horse power, with owner Tanja Lundsten holding the reins and Siru Saarinen working with the plow.

There was also a chance for the audience to try plowing with a finnhorse. On the first event day gelding Uuras and second day the three-time horse plowing champion, mare Napsukka and her three months old colt Napsaus. Same horses also took people for a traditional carriage drives.

Lauantaina hevoskyntöä esittelivät t. Napsukka, varsa Napsaus,<br /><br /> Eeva-Liisa Pitkänen ja Reijo Nieminen.

Saturday’s horse plowing exhibitioners, mare Napsukka, foal Napsaus, Eeva-Liisa Pitkänen & Reijo Nieminen (plow)

Molempina päivinä halukkaille oli tarjolla myös kärrykyytiä.

Carriage driving was popular. Tying the foal to his mother’s harness is a traditional way to accustom young horses to be walked in halter and later on to harness them. The mare is also much calmer when she has her foal by her side.


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