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Stars’ Stable: Santeri Dahlia

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From Tähtien Talli/Santeri Dahlia

Stallion Santeri Dahlia won the trotting king race three times in 2001, 2002 and 2005. What makes these winnings exceptional, was that he never lost none of the part-races. He also took the Suur-Hollola race to his name in 2002. He became known by the public at latest in 1999, when he placed 2nd in the Derby. Santeri Dahlia’s strength was his merciless physics, which usually turned the final spurt fights to his advantage.

A horse can be nominated to Stars’ Stable (Tähtien Talli) for outstandingly good performances in the trotting races. So far 8 warmblooded trotters and 8 finnhorses have been nominated. See them all at / Tähtien talli


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