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Rusko, lady of the house

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Rusko-tamma pyrkii taloon Ranualla (YLE Lappi 28.11.2011, free translation)

^click to see more photos and a 2-min video of Rusko :)

Rusko comes inside the house if the front door just happens to be unlocked. Photo from

Rusko, a finnhorse mare is a beloved pet of Olli Poikela. Father of four sons, Olli has now lived by himself in a house at Peurajärvi, Ranua, Lapland. Besides the 20-year-old Rusko he has two dogs and ten sheep on the farm.

Helper and good company

Rusko was bought to serve as a riding horse for Olli’s sons, but has already retired from it. Now her job is to keep the yard’s grass short. She likes to also help in other chores too, including getting firewood to the house.

– She follows me as I go to the shed, and helps me, takes wood to the wheelbarrow in her teeth and so on. She is also quite hungry for attention. If I have guests at home, she comes to stand in the lobby and if she feels like no one is paying attention to her, she might grab a shoe and throw it on the wall.

Lady of the house

…means Rusko.

– Maybe she thinks that since I come inside the house, she should do it too. Of course it is easy when the door is open, but she also opens it herself if necessary. If I don’t want Rusko inside, I have to lock the door. That’s why the doorhandle looks so chewed, smiles Poikela.

Despite of her size, Rusko has never broken a thing inside. Getting outside is not a problem neither, she backs out gently. This smart horse sure knows how to get her snacks. Carrots and dark bread are her favourites, tells Poikela.

Original article by YLE Lappi / Raimo Torikka


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