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Stars’ Stable: Viesker

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From Tähtien Talli/Viesker

Viesker won the trotter king’s title five years in a row 1996-2000. Viesker still holds the Finnish record of a one-mile group race 1.19,9a. The record was made in Mikkeli 23th of July 2002.

When he raced at homeland, Viesker was often so overpowered even in advance, that the others were racing mostly for the second place behind him. Perhaps his biggest achievement was winning the Elitkampen race in Sweden in 2000, when he even had the time to gallop once before he strafed pass the Norwegian and Swedish coldbloods, who were considered to make a fool out of finnhorses. The winning time was 1.20,2. He made two world records in his name during his career. 

It’s no wonder that Viesker has been a popular stud as well. He already has over 1000 foals progeny and is still standing in stud.

A horse can be nominated to Stars’ Stable (Tähtien Talli) for outstandingly good performances in the trotting races. So far 8 warmblooded trotters and 8 finnhorses have been nominated. See them all at / Tähtien talli


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