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Joihuri has died

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From Hevosurheilu newspaper on Wednesday 23rd November 2011 (page 2)

Joihuri and Kari Rosimo 2004. Photo by Hippola/Jukka Niskanen

This fine stallion was forced to be put down, presumably due to a severe intestinal failure. Owner Veikko Laurila was already taking him to Hyvinkää for a surgery, but the horse fell down and the vet decided that it would have been abusive to take him any further. So Joihuri had to be let go in the age of seventeen. The actual cause of his death remains a mystery.

“It was a very difficult decision, but he was such a great horse that I felt I owed him that” said Laurila. “His corpse was not opened, since it was Saturday, and nevertheless it would not have changed the fact that he was already gone. He was buried in our garden.”

“Joihuri was an exceptional horse. He had never been ill before, never even caughed. It was always great to take him to the races. Of course the trotting championships were memorable, but one of the absolutely most chilling moments was when he finished Mikkeli’s Suurmestaruus race side by side with Apassi in 1.17-speed.”

Joihuri raced 202 times, winning 31 of them, placing 25 times second and 26 times third, earned 235 793€ and trotted records 1.20,8a and 1.22,2. He participated in the trotting championship races 7 times and was one of the most popular studs in the last few years. He has sired 323 foals so far and in the year 2011 he served 57 mares.


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