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Stars’ Stable: Ponseri

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From Tähtien Talli/Ponseri

Ponseri was a foal star of his time. He won all his 17 races at the age of four, including the age-classes biggest wins in Kriterium and Oulu Express.

In between the star lost some of it’s shine, but made a comeback at the age of 11 by winning the trotter king’s crown in Helsinki. The year was good for him, since he trotted the cold-bloods’ world record on a mile in Mikkeli: 1.20,4. 

Ponseri died in 2004, leaving behind 274 offpsring. He was buried at his owner’s home yard.

A horse can be nominated to Stars’ Stable (Tähtien Talli) for outstandingly good performances in the trotting races. So far 8 warmblooded trotters and 8 finnhorses have been nominated. See them all at / Tähtien talli


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