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Results from the national youngster show

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The annual foal show for the best of the year was held again in Helsinki. The best one-year-old was R-section foal Hupikuva. This young stallion performed boldly and charmed the jury especially with his fine gaits. The first prize was 1500 euro.
The second prize went to P-section mare Kukan Pirske. She got excellent  points of her type, 9 out of ten!

The only J-section horse of this final show was Hessin Prinsessa. Though she comes from R-section pedigree, her owner told the interviewer that they are aiming for a trotter’s career.

1. Hupikuva  b. 04.05.2010 stallion, 144-147 cm, 8-8-8-8-7-9, II+ prize.

A.T. Unikuva –  Hipinän Helmi  – Suikun Ero

Breeder & owner Ulla Malkakorpi, LEMPÄÄLÄ

2. Kukan Pirske b. 24.05.2010 mare, 135-139 cm, 9-9-7-8-8-8, I- prize.

Pirvetti –  Hellun Kukka – Ruutu-Sälli

Breeder & owner Juvakka, Sanna & Tuomas, RAUTJÄRVI

3. Hessin Prinsessa b. 13.06.2010 mare, 144-143 cm, 9-8-7-8-7-8, II+ prize.

Vahto – Nyyti-Neiti – Poika-Siro

Breeder: Heidi Sinda, URJALANKYLÄ, Owner: Mauri Nieminen, TARTTILA

4. Liinakon Kunkku  b. 31.05.2010 stallion, 146-149 cm, 8-8-7-9-8-7, II+ prize.

Karl-Hemming  – Koikkalan Sirkku – Onnipoika

Breeder: Liinakkotalli Tmi, VIROLAHTI, Owner: Taina Kaleva, SÖÖRMARKKU

5.Suopellon Mikko b. 27.07.2010 stallion, 132-133 cm, 8-8-8-9-7-8, II+ prize.

Pölyke – Vuohimäen Hilla – Tussari

Breeder: Anni Himberg, SAUVO, Owner: Janne Himberg, SAUVO

Free participation to Kriterium: Liisan Isopoika b. 20.05.2010 stallion
Cameron –  Raja-Liisa – Tino
Breeder: Raevaara Susanna & Vepsäläinen Jukka, RAUTALAMPI, Owner: Haapakoski Mikko & Tiina,YLIVIESKA

Sunday with fine two-year-olds

Hippos’ breeding director and jury leader Terttu Peltonen was thrilled of this year’s fine young horses.

The last day’s hero was also last year’s winner, stallion Egoa On. He got full 10 points for his type.


I-prize mare Auni placed second in the final.
Third place went to Giganotosaurus, a stallion with perfect hooves and the best gaits in the whole crew.
Audience voted the black pony-sized stallion A.T. Musta-Soturi to their favourite.

Points: type-trunk-legs-walk-trot

1. Egoa On b. 19.05.2009 stallion 154-153 cm 10-9-7-7-7-8 II+ prize.

A.T. Eko – Kevättömän Sumu – Fabian

Breeder & owner: Ilkka Roiha, PARIKKALA

2. Auni b. 20.05.2009 mare 153-156 9-9-7-8-8-8 I- prize.

Liising – Pintus – Turo

Breeder & owner Arvila Jarmo & Främling Janne, IKKALA

3. Giganotosaurus b. 17.05.2009 stallion 157-159 cm 9-9-8-7-10-7-9 I- prize

Turo – Tulikuu – Ero-Mori

Breeder & owner: Matti Räsänen, RIISTAVESI

4. A.T. Musta-Soturi  b. 18.05.2009 stallion 139-141 8-8-98-7-7-8 II+ prize

A.T. Musta-Ritari –  A.T. Pamela – Portteri

Breeder: Tea Auvinen, YLÄMAA Owner: Mia Anttonen, PAROLA

5. Ulvin Visa b. 13.06.2009 stallion 153-157 cm 8-7-79-8-9 II+ prize.

Apassi – Morika – Ero-Mori

Kasv. Antti Krapi, SASTAMALA Om. Lankinen Jyrki & Niina, ESPOO

Free participation for Derby: Alviira, Owner Kolme Hevosta Tmi, Loppi

Free participation for Tapiola breeder’s by Suomenratsut ry: Piitus, owner Teija Tolonen, Tenhola

All photos by Hippos photo bank / Irina Keinänen <– also more photos. :)


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