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Stars’ Stable: Vekseli

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From Tähtien Talli/Vekseli

Vekseli was a superstar of his time. Pentti Savolainen’s home bred stallion won the Trotter King’s crown four times in a row in 1979-1982 and for the fifth time in 1984. The year 1984 was remarkable, since that year Pentti Savolainen’s other home-bred horse, mare Vekkuliina, won the Trotter Queen race. Never before, neither after, had the royal couple both same breeder, owner, trainer and driver. Besides this, Savolainen also was the breeder of another historical trotter king Vieteri.

Vekseli left 642 foals offspring and had one trotter king descendant: Vekke was crowned 1987 in Lahti.

Vekseli was one of the first horses nominated to Stars’ Stable, along with Charme Asserdal, Friendly Face, Keystone Patriot, Reipas, Vieteri, Patrik and Vonkaus.

A horse can be nominated to Stars’ Stable (Tähtien Talli) for outstandingly good performances in the trotting races. So far 8 warmblooded trotters and 8 finnhorses have been nominated. See them all at / Tähtien talli


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