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Horse sculptor Herman Joutsen

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Bronzed trotter king Eri-Aaroni at Kouvola race track winners’ circle. Sculpted by Herman Joutsen.

Photo from YLE Kymenlaakso article on Kymi Grand Prix (“Kouvolan ravirata majoittaa maailmantähtiä” 17.6.2011)

Herman Joutsen is one of my top favourite horse artists. His sculptures are so detailed and realistic, I think he has really mastered the form of a horse. I have seen this statue of Eri-Aaroni quite closely for several times (I live nearby the race track and visit there often) and I am still stunned by it. It’s like the horse could neigh any moment.

Besides Eri-Aaroni, Joutsen has sculpted the legendary finnhorses Reipas and Eino, for example.

He has a website, also in English (!), that shows his work and briefly about the man himself. I suggest you take a few moments to get to know his work. It is worth it.

Herman Joutsen


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