It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorses bring joy and memories for the elderly

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Hevonen ilahdutti palvelutalon vanhuksia ( 23.6.2011

Paula Jyllinvuori was not afraid of Vinskin Vire and wanted to feed her sugar. Riina Hermansson was glad to see how excited the elderly were to see the horse. Photo by Anniina Meuronen

Just seeing and touching the horse was an amazing experience for the residents of Kauppakatu retirement home at Imatra. The idea was started from Suomenratsut association’s challenge to bring horses to greet the elderly in February 2011.

Retirement home manager Marja Sormunen was also happy to have a horse for a visit.

– It sounded really great. We have had dogs visiting before, but never a horse. Many of our residents come from the countryside, so seeing a horse may bring back lots of memories, which also helps reviving their memory.


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