It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Hiiro the fire horse

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Hiiro, palohevonen (

Stuffed finnhorse found it’s place at Logomo’s Tuli on irti! (Fire! Fire!)-exhibition.

Living Hiiro was known as an active worker and sympathic, nice pet horse. Hiiro has already left this world, but her body still stands for special purposes.

Hiiro is the only animal in the Fire! Fire! exhibition. This finnhorse mare’s taks is to stand in front of a 19th century fire carriage. This fits well for Hiiro, as finnhorses are known as fearless and strong breed.

Finnhorse has a great role in Finnish history

Finnhorses have left their hoofprints in country’s history. People would not have inhabited and brought this land of wet swamps and backwoods without them. During the decades finnhorses have plowed hundreds of thousands of fields, pulled canoons to their positions and the wounded back to hospitals in the wars. The nomination of Finland’s National Horse has been earned.

Nowadays finnhorses serve as athletes. Hiiro’s pedigree was also full of trotters, but the mare herself was not so much into it, and worked better as a draft horse.

After Logomo’s Fire! fire! exhibition Hiiro can be seen at Turku castle, where she will be used on different historical exhibitions as well.

Fire! Fire! is about the firemen’s work in the 19th century. Besides Hiiro and the carriage, different firemen uniforms and fire extinguishing equipment is widely shown at Logomo until 18th of December 2011.


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