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Enough drama for one day?

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Hirveä vääryys – mä lähden himaan ( 24.9.2011)

Hallsta Lotus pohjoismaiden mestari ( 24.9.2011)

Myllarfaks put up quite a show. Photo: Harri Lind

The first attempt on Nordic Champioship race was about to bring blue-white colours and the singing horseman Pertti Puikkonen to the winner’s circle, as I.P. Vipotiina had ruled the race with queen’s attitude. Then one of the horses. Myllarfaks, crashed with Tähti-Optio, dropped his driver off the sulky and ran away. Usually the race would not been cancelled in the last 500m, but this situation seemed to be evolving into a catastrophe. The renewing race was moved to be the last race of the day, so the horses would get enough rest in between. Hallsta Lotus’s driver Ulf Ohlsson was not concerned about his horse, and saw this as advantage for them.

In the second attempt Marimin and I.P. Vipotiina fought for the first 500m in 18,5 km-time, before Hallsta Lotus took the first place and forced the Finns to back off keeping it that way until the finish line. Silver medalist was a great surprise, Köppinen with good spurt. Bronze Medal went to Norway’s steady Åsajerven, who would have also been third at the first time.

Final results

Horse / Driver Km-time Prize
1. 5 Hallsta Lotus* / Ulf Ohlsson 23,8 30 000 €
2. 9 Köppinen / Antti Teivainen 24,0 15 000 €
3. 11 Åsajerven* / Tor Wollebaek 24,1 8 000 €
4. 8 Pihlajan Aaroni / Akseli Lahtinen 24,2 x 5 000 €
5. 6 Marimin / Arto Hammar 24,2 3 000 €
6. 3 I.P. Vipotiina / Pertti Puikkonen 24,2
7. 7 Tähti-Optio / Teemu Okkolin 26,5
8. 10 Villihotti / Ari Moilanen 28,5 x
2 Kilun Peedro / Markku Hietanen hpl
4 Moe Brage* / Harri Koivunen hpl
1 Myllarfaks* / Gunnar Melander scratched
12 Lomar* / Ida Eriksson scratched

500m 18,5/I.P. Vipotiina 1000m 23,0/Hallsta Lotus 26,5 23,0


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