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Nordic Championship race it at hand again!

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PM-joukkueen suomalaisrunko kasassa (Turku race track website 12.9.2011)

The best coldblood trotters from Finland, Sweden and Norway are about to meet in the annual Nordic championship race on Saturday 24th of September. Finnish team has already been chosen.

This year the race is also a V75-quality division final, so the top four of V75-ranking horses have a pass to the race. The horses are I.P. Vipotiina, Kilun Peedro, Villihotti and Köppinen. Pihlajan Aaroni has also been signed. If there are not enough Swedish and Norwegian horses to participate, the remaining places will be filled by finnhorses.

The two-day races offer fun and excitement, besides the Nordic championship, also with L. Fabritius memorial – Åbofemman, an age-class race for five-year-olds with 10 000€ first prize and Kasvattajakruunu, the “breeder’s crown” finals for warmblood trotters, 5-year-old mares on Friday and 4-year-old stallions and geldings on Saturday.


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