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Results from finnhorse riding championships

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Aarre Arvokkain kouluratsastuksen kasvattajakilpailun voittoon ( 3.9.2011)

Sirun Oliver ja Maija-Riikka Pellikka estemestareiksi Ypäjällä ( 4.9.2011)

Suomenratsujen kuninkaalliset – finnhorse riding championships has grown to be one of the biggest riding events in Finland. Young horses’ breeder’s prize-type competitions gather the best finnhorses to Ypäjä to match in dressage and show jumping.

Tapiola dressage competition for 6-year-olds

Dressage Tapiola breeder’s prize (Tapiola kasvattajakilpailu) win went to Aarre Arvokkain, ridden by Minttu Liuko, with percents 135,163%. They won on Friday and placed second on Saturday. Aarre Arvokkain performed well also on show jumping track, and placed 8th in the final results on 95cm fences. The gelding is bred by Laura Hynninen and owned by Vivan & Minttu Liuko. The first prize is 2000 €.

” – It was tough, we got nothing for free. Aarre Arvokkain (‘treaure most valuable’) truly lives by his name. He has a great character and quality which I will never find again in a horse. He has a great working moral.” Minttu Liuko told.

The pair has competed already in national level competitions both in open and young horse classes.

Second place in the 6-year-old class went to Hermione / Jonna Aaltonen (135,078%), third place to Milo Mainio / Susanna Lemström (133,074%).

Sirun Oliver won the show jumping championship

Stallion Sirun Oliver, ridden by Maija-Riikka Pellikka, cleared the Sunday fences flawlessly and earned his nomination. Second place went to stallion Tosi-Romeo / Sanna Lahdensuo, and third Hilton Jäpä / Krista Nieminen.

Photo:  Maija-Riikka Pellikka & Sirun Oliver, back Sanna Lahdensuo & Tosi-Romeo. Photo from (link above)

Tosi-Romeo qualified for a higher studbook classification by the silver place. He is now a 1st-prize stallion.

Bronze medalist Krista Nieminen was confused of their success

– This competition was only the third and fourth time we jumped 110cm fences. I started riding Hilton Jäpä last April, told the happy rider.

Ypäjä Urmeli  won the young horse jumping championship

Tapiola Show jumping competition for six-year-olds was won by Ypäjä Urmeli ridden by Satu Siikarla. They were the only pair who succeed both the tracks without errors. The horse is bred and owned by Ypäjä Equine College. Siikarla is currently studying at the college.

The second place went to Hermione / Linnea Haukilehto, third place Skumppa Ilari / Johanna Reunanen.

Kelmi memorial kür to Corleone

Every other year the audience gets  pampered with open kür class. The winner this year was stallion Corleone / Heidi Svanborg-Lodman with 69,375% result. Second place went to A.L. Peto / Lassi Lehmusto (67,792%) third Magnus / Helkky Pakarinen (67,417%).

The best 4- and 5-year olds

In these Laatuarvostelu age-class competitions the young horses perform in show ring, free jumping and gaits test. The final placements come from average points.

gender, name, average points

1. stallion Niisun Nestori, 8,10.

2. stallion Anisian Alvar, 7,92

3. mare Anisian Aamu, 7,65

Best body structure prize Niisun Nestori

The most promising show jumper Jaihe

The most promising dressage horse Anisian Alvar


1. mare Aroha Kastanja 8,11

2. stallion Joelime 7,96

3. stallion Harjun Kakkonen 7,93


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