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Two-year-olds can now attend to preliminaries

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Kaksivuotiaat suomenhevoset opetuslähtöön ( 1.9.2011)

Vennelmon Voitto (Sipori – Voimariina – Ruutu-Poika) was the first two-year-old finnhorse ever to attend a preliminary.

Photo from the article (see the link above).

From the first of September onwards it is possible for the two-year-olds to attend a preliminary. Until now these preliminaries have been for the two-year-old warmbloods and three-year-old finnhorses. The purpose is to bring the horse breeding forward by encouraging horse owners and trainers to train their horses already at young age. The preliminary prizes do not count as horse’s winnings and this does not give the horse a license to race. There’s another preliminary race ahead before attending to the actual races. On this preliminary the horse earns it’s euro by trotting a 2100m between the time limits. For the two-year-old finnhorses it’s between 2.00,0 min and 2.20,0 min. Vennelmon Voitto’s time was 2.05,3.


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