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Saran Salama leaves the tracks

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Saran Salamalta riisutaan kengät ( 30.8.2011)

Photo from the article/ESS archive.

The three-time trotter king Saran Salama will have his shoes removed at Jokimaa race track on Thursday. Shoe removal is a historical moment and symbolizes the end of horse’s racing career.

Saran Salama is one of the most succesful finnhorses of all time. Besides the crowns he has won the Suur-Hollola race four times and Suurmestaruus (“grand champion”) race once and made nearly 831 000€ profits. His breeder, trainer and driver are the same person, Tapio Perttunen. His daughter Sara-Juulia owns the stallion.


One thought on “Saran Salama leaves the tracks

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