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The Trotter King arrived at the mansion

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Ravikuningas saapui kartanoon (Länsi-Savo 21.8.2011)

Anna Virtala, Jarmo Nykänen, Pertti Puikkonen, Marjo Kaipainen, Seppo Suuronen and Ari Moilanen are important names in the Southern-Savonian racing success. Trotter king Villihotti met the celebrating people this Sunday at Juva.

Photo from Länsi-Savo newspaper (see the link above)

The people of Juva flashbacked to three weeks back, as the ruling trotter king Villihotti arrived to Partala king’s mansion. Suuronen racing stable and town of Juva held an open triumph in honour for the double winnings Suuronen stable got from the trotting championships at Tampere 30th-31st of July. Eight hundred people were expected to arrive.

The king himself, fresh trotter king Villihotti was also present, taking the pats and photographing in calmly, as it is appropriate for a king.


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