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Derby finalists 2011

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Suomenhevosten Derby-finalistit selvillä ( 19.8.2011)

The Middle-Finnish Derby elimination races were held at Jyväskylä on Thursday. The most important race for the five-year-olds is at hand on 27th of August in Jyväskylä, with the first prize of 25 000€. Gustav Dahlia, Sörkän Sälli and Turossi took the elimination race wins, but will this success continue at the final?

The Derby is a classic age-class race. Many legendary finnhorses have shown their true talent in the Derby,the winners table shows for example the four-time trotter king Patrik, the three-time queen I.P. Vipotiina, the breeding giant Turo and last year’s winner Pihlajan Aaroni, who can now be called the best coldblood trotter of the nordic countries.

So these five-year-olds are also names one should remember, very possible future open class trotters.

The race is 2100m auto start. Drivers are announced later.

1. Turossi (Turo – Salperon Tähti – Nils-Aslak)
2. Gustav Dahlia (Turo – Vokkerin Palsami – Vokker)
3. I.P. Osuma (Turo – I.P. Virkku – Vokker)
4. Camri (Cameron – Suvi-Syke – Vokker)
5. Rompi (Viesker – Reituli – Turo)
6. Niemen Apori (Sipori – Niemen Reea – Etsaus)
7. Sakari (Viesker – Samantha – Visku)
8. Nopsan Vauhti (Vaikin Vauhti – Hela-Nopsa – K.M. Nopsa)
9. Sörkän Sälli (Ture – Tupla-Suhina – Suikku)
10. Veisker (Viesker – I.P. Viola – Turo)
11. Nopsan Nero (K.M. Nopsa – Tokkeriina – Viesker)
12. Sopun Haaste (K.M. Nopsa – Metsolan Sopu – Suikku)


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