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Tähen Topelius the third 4-year-old ever to break the 1.25-limit

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Tähen Topelius alitti kolmantena nelivuotiaana valiorajan ( 15.8.2011)

Tähen Topelius

Tähen Topelius was the third finnhorse ever to break the 1.25-limit as a four-year-old.

Photo by Juhani Länsiluoto.

The trotter talent, driven and trained by Pauli Raivio, ran the km-time of 1.24,8a in Lappeenranta last Monday.

This wasn’t a new Finnish Record, though.  Jaanen Suikku still has it in his name with numbers 1.24,4a, the record is alrady 17 years old. The second fastest km-time for a four-year old is 1.24,6a by Cameron from the year 1999.


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