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Results from the national pony show

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Full results (from, pdf)

A.T. Ukko-Myrsky. Photo by Heini Luttinen

Name, Prize (I-III), other nominations

A.T. Ukko-Myrsky I, Best of breed stallion (RP-O), VV1
Vuohimäen Silmu II, Best of breed mare (RP-T)
Sirukko I, Best of breed young horse (RP-N), VV2
Haka Rentun Ruusu I, Best of breed young horse of the opposite gender (VSP-N)
Millin Welmupöly I, Best of breed foal, (RP-VARSA) VV3 (for sale!)

Hillan Jarran I
Tulileimutar I
Tintin Muskotti II (for sale!)
Voto II
Tuulensuun Sinuhe II
Herttuan Helmi II
Millin Vadelma II
Tuliliekitär II
Villin Viritys II
Penny II
Dallidens Vimma II
Millin Onneli II
Millin Rentukka II
Vantasiina II
Tintin Kuukunen III (for sale!)
Tuhkimon Regina III
Pikku-Mini III


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