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Pihlajan Aaroni 1.20,3 in Sweden

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Pihlajan Aaroni selätti Hallsta Lotuksen ( 13.8.2011)

Said to be the best cold-blooded trotter in Sweden, perhaps in the whole world, Hallsta Lotus had to humble in front of Pihlajan Aaroni‘s final spurt in Skellefteå V75 race last Saturday. Aaroni got a dream race behind the leading horse and pushed forward in the final few hundred. The final time was 1.20,3/1600m. Feseth Lynet placed third after leading the race to the final curve.

Hallsta Lotus’s last loss was from Elitkampen in May and he was aiming for the sixth win in a row.

The race is seen on ATG Play, Skellefteå V75-2.

Photo: Pihlajan Aaroni, from Hippos photo bank


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