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Interesting group ownership opportunities

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Group ownership has become more and more popular during  the last few years. Owning a (trotter) horse in Finland is quite expensive due to the short paddock season and many other reasons, but when in group, the risk and the costs become smaller, and of course the joy of winning multiplies when you have friends to celebrate it with. :D

Lately I’ve seen a few interesting finnhorse groups that I thought I should advertise a little… Since these seem very well-planned. Hopefully these group stables will succeed and bring more people to see the fun with horses and races.

Viidensadan talli  (the five hundred stable) is currently looking for people to invest in the 2-year-old stallion Hymynkare, whose ownership is split to five hundred stocks. The stocks cost 50€ each, including the horse’s purchasing price and upkeep for the first year. After this it costs 25€/year per stock. Sounds nice!
sire Sipori 19,4a; 195.407 €
dam Hymyhuuli 22,6a; 218.902 €
dam’s sire Vokker 22,3a; 170.412 €

Photo from

Talli Valonpilke (Light Sparkle stable) is also looking for interested horse owner candidates to own one or more 1/1000 part of the mare Lumi-Iiris, a light, good-looking and -trotting filly from a noble pedigree. One stock of the mare costs 50€ and there will not be any other payments. The project will be going on until the year 2013 when the horse will be sold. Be fast, the stocks are on sale only until the end of September 2011. ;)

sire Turo 23,8a
dam Vokkerin Helmis 27,8a
dam’s sire Vokker 22,3a

Photo from Valonpilke‘s site, photo by Anne Tala

And then there is Suomen Ravitalli (Finland’s stable), a massive group stable company that has over 2500 participants and anyone can join without a time limit. One stock costs 20€. The stable owns a few warmblood foals and the three-year-old finnhorse mare Virilii. Until these youngsters come to conquer the race tracks, the company has a few leased horses, perhaps the best known is stallion I.P. Lento, who won the 3100m race in the trotting championships this year and was sixth in the final results of the Trotting King race.

Photo from


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