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Finnhorse trotting championships resume

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What a weekend! I sat by the course photographing as many horses as I could, burning my shoulders thoroughly  in the sun, and still had to borrow HU:s photos along  the texts… But stay tuned, I will put a whole trotting gallery online soon, I just need to photoshop a little on a different computer. More importantly the races were just as great as expected, offering excitement and drama, as the queen favourites (at least I.P. Vipotiina’s challengers) B. Helmiina and Oktaavia galloped on the mile and were only a few meters away from disqualification… But their gallops were short, below 20m so they got to go on with the race. And still Vipotiina was just overpowered.

These races are a must to all finnhorse people and a great recognition for the breed, the horses and the horsemen of the past decades. Finnhorse is a modern sport horse, as well as many other things, thanks to a 100-year breeding work. The trotter (J) studbook is still younger than 50 years, but look at the results and times that these horses run. A slower warmblood trotter would have a hard time keeping up with these coldbloods!

All from

Pilssi won the Monté championship

Mare Pilssi, who has not yet met her winner in the monté races, won the finnhorse monté championship race that is traditionally Saturday’s first. She was ridden by Virpi Kuossari.

Elmoori is the Little Prince

Also traditional, four-year-olds’ age class race, Pikkuprinssi, literally translated Little Prince, was Elmoori‘s celebration. He pushed pass Tähen Topelius, who had not lost a single race before. The winning time was 26,3a/2100m. This was three tenths from the Finnish Record. The win was rewarded with 10 000 euro.

Tuokkolan Touho got the Race course record 21,2/1609m

Patrikin Muisto seemed like reborn on Sunday’s mile. He steamrolled the first 500m in 1.17,5 km time, pressed by Hullumies. By the second lap he got Tuokkolan Touho  by his side but still answered with more speed.  Tuokkolan Touho had had the time to ease behind the first two, so he attacked in the end and took the King mile to his name with a new race course record, the one which Vekseli had run and no one had broken in over 20 years.

Gustav Dahlia Little King 2011

The five-year-olds have also got their own big age class race, Pikkukunkku, in the championships. This year it was Gustav Dahlia‘s celebration, as the favourite Sörkän Sälli got packed to the inner track and stayed behind him until the finish line. Jukka-Pekka Kauhanen told the inerviewer that this horse could be even better than his earlier great finnhorse, the three-time trotter king Santeri Dahlia.

I.P. Vipotiina with no doubts

I.P. Vipotiina was tremendous in this weekend’s Queen race. She won every race and took her third Queen title, along with 60 000 euro earnings. Even this wasn’t enough for the supermare, as she finished the final race with a new Finnish record for mares on long distances: 1.25,6/3100m. The final time was 9.31,8 which was faster than in the stallion race. This is extremely rare. Leaves a watcher speechless…

The Queen race 2011

1. I.P. Vipotiina (1-1-1) 9.31,8

2. Sirun Valpuriina (4-5-4) 9.35,7

3. Marimin (5-2-8) 9.39,2

4. B.Turolii (10-3-5) 9.39,4

5. Aino-Ilona (9-8-6) 9.39,4

6. B. Helmiina (2-6-9) 9.340,3

7. Vokukka (7-4-10) 9.40,3

8. Oktaavia (3-12-3) 9.42,4

9. Sekottaja (8-10-7) 9.42,9

10. Poljento (11-11-11) 10.00,3

Maiskaus (6-9-drop out)

Kromi (disqualified – 7-2)

Villihotti with tight margin

The new crowned Trotter King Villihotti comes from the same Seppo Suuronen Stable as Tuokkolan Touho. This truly was a great weekend for Juva, where Suuronen’s stables are located. Villihotti won the crown, and Tuokkolan Touho placed second in the Trotter King race. This with exact same final time, 9.33,9. To find out which one should be crowned, the jury had to see the rule book, and it said clearly “if two or more horses have the same final time, the placement on the last race solves the winner.” Villihotti placed 2nd and Tuokkolan Touho 4th in the 3100m race.

Villihotti is one of the rare kings that won the crown without winning any of the part races (2100, 1600 or 3100m).

The King race 2011

1. Villihotti (2-4-2) 9.33,9

2. Tuokkolan Touho (3-1-4) 9.33,9

3. Patrikin Muisto (7-2-3) 9.35,0

4. Frans (1-3-7) 9.35,8

5. Boker (6-6-6) 9.36,9

6. I.P. Lento (9-10-1) 9.37,4

7. Hullumies (4-8-8) 9.41,2

8. Suikun Rilla (11-11-5) 9.44,8

9. Tähti-Optio (8-9-9) 9.45,6

10. Saran Salama (10-5-10) 9.47,7

Huiman Pyste (5-7-disqualified)

Tähen Tuuri did not participate.

The royal drivers Pertti Puikkonen (I.P. Vipotiina) and Ari Moilanen (Villihotti).


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