It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Breeding statistics of 2010

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Foals in 2010

Darkest blue is for warmblood trotters, medium blue for finnhorses (second bar from the left), lighter blue for ponies and the lightest blue for riding horses. Slightly rising statistics for the finnhorse, 1398 foals! Up towards the 15th hundred! :D

Some numbers

The most popular finnhorse stud was Liising, reaching the limit of 150 mares (one stud can have up to 150 mares a year), Classic Photo got the most brides in the warmblood field (148).

  • In the year 2010, 58 new finnhorse stallions and 150 mares were inspected for the studbook.
  • 33 warmblooded trotter stallions, 67 mares.
  • 55 mare and foal shows
  • 3 stallion inspections
  • The most popular warmblooded riding horse stallions were Chalco with 52 mares and For Enjoy Ask Z  with 49 mares.
  • Shetland stallion Olympus 129 SH was the most popular of all pony stallions with 38 mares.

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