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Finnhorse cantata

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Suomenhevosen tarina kuninkuusraveissa teatterin keinoin ( 26.7.2011)

Besides top sport, Teivo’s finnhorse trotting championship audience gets to see a dazzling show. The story of work, war ad sport hero is played on Teivo track this Sunday 31st of July.

The theatre-like piece is based on cantata “Suomenhevonen” (Finnhorse). It is performed by Pinsiö men choir; the play is work of Ypäjä Equine College and the Finnish Horse Sport Museum.

There are thirteen finnhorses, first of them President Tarja Halonen’s horse Ypäjä Tarja, driven by Jari Ansio. The final star will be the five-time trotter king Viesker with his owner Kari Ahokas. Besides teaching horses there are altogether about fourty people, students and staff, from Ypäjä equine college.

The show tells briefly tha main points of finnhorse’s history. It has had many different roles in the society since the 20th century. The horses have built the country, they have been bred here for over a hundred years and nowadays they serve as athletes.

Of course the wars are also part of near history. In the play it is shown from the home front’s point of view. How it was painful to lose the men and the horses to the front without knowing if they would ever come back, and on the other hand the unlimited joy of seeing them again.

The show was planned by Kristiina Ertola, Jari Ansio and Päivi Laine. The historic facts (in properties etc) are checked by Juha Erola from the Finnish Horse Sport Musem, the old driving equipment by Jari Ansio and costumes by Johanna Liinaharja-Poutanen. The show takes about 20 minutes.


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