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Company horse

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From Työsuhdehevonen ( 14.10.2007)

You may have heard about company cars, but a company horse?

A.P. Igor is not just a horse. It is a company horse. He is owned by two Finnish companies, Welltime and Sinituote. Their staff can book the horse for riding simply writing their name and time on Igor’s book, and then get to the saddle on their free time. It doesn’t matter if they have ridden before or not, the stable staff helps and the horse works like a dream in all situations.

Igor is a former trotter, but seems to work even better as a riding horse. He has jumped 110cm fences and competed in HeA-dressage, so he could have even aimed for the finnhorse riding championships, but his main job is to offer easy and relaxed rides for the companies’ workers.


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