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Aino-Ilona is the fashion queen

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Kauneimmaksi kruunatulla Aino-Ilonalla on eloisat sääret ja häkellyttävä harja ( 20.7.2011)

“Miss-like legs, lively legs, astonishing blondness, fashion queen”. One way to describe Aamulehti newspaper’s “Teivo’s queen”-voting winner, finnhorse mare Aino-Ilona.

Aino-Ilona received her rug and flowers by the Aleksanteri Palace at Tampere centre. This was just the place to crown the beauty queen, any other place would have been left to her shadow. It was close even now. Her highness did not get disturbed by the flashlights. The rug was bright red-coloured and signed with her name and title ‘The Most Beautiful’. So she is. Next weekend we will see if she is also the fastest.”

Click the link above to watch the video from Aino-Ilona’s rewarding ceremoy. ;)


One thought on “Aino-Ilona is the fashion queen

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