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NC silver medal for Johanna Lindblad and Kain Aapeli

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Last year I wrote about Leena Jaakkola and her finn-mare Valssandra. Yet another finnhorse has made it to the international dressage fields! That’s great!

Disabled rider Johanna Lindblad’s trip to Disabled Riders’ Nordic Championships in Denmark was not for nothing. She and her horse Kain Aapeli came home with two fourth places and a silver medal! She writes in her blog post at Relaxant Animal’s site that her neck was injured several times in the 90s due to riding accidents, and it has gone worse during the years. She competes in disabled riders dressage in III class with her finnhorse gelding Kain Aapeli and this was their first international competition.

SRL News writes about Finnish disabled riders’ trip:

One day before the competition I decided to do my best and not to stress. I wanted to ride and show my horse as well as possible. That the finnhorse can do it too. I went there with a smile on my face and even got compliments for joyful riding.” Told Lindblad.

Lindblad designed her program very simple and rided with her heart. She wanted to honour her father, who passed away when she was a child. Father was Finnish army’s last cavalry master, so the kür program followed Finnish military march.

– “After the last greets I looked up to the sky. Sometimes you just have to follow your heart.

Besides competing, both Jaana Kivimäki (another Finnish disabled rider) and Johanna Lindblad were re-classified due to their injuries. They were placed to higher groups, where riders’ injuries are worse and ridden programs easier. This only adds more value to their accomplishments in these games with more difficult programs. The new classes will be used in the European Championships in Moorsele, Belgium at the end of July.

Photo from Johanna’s blog at Relaxant Animal’s site


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