It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Finnhorse – war horse

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When in Finland, it’s not always easy to move fast.. that’s when you need horse powers. (Photo from Wikimedia commons)

A free translation from the article published on Johanna’s finnhorse site

Finnhorse was an irreplaceable helper in Finland’s wars. They worked in tough conditions and took the soldiers to places no other vehicle could. The finnhorses helped e.g. with food supplying, carrying the wounded and pulling the canoons. A 15 000 men division included 3500 horses but only 100 motorized vehicles. There are countless stories of the humble, honest finnhorses who stood by their fellow soldiers and served without questioning. Many horses never made it back home. There were altogether 20 000 horses that perished in the Winter and Continuation Wars. The war horse statue was set up in honor of finnhorse at Seinäjoki in the 1990s (photo).


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