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Riding horse breeding is a growing business

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This graph shows the standing statistics for riding horse (R, purple) and pony-sized (P, red) breeding section finnhorse studs. Riding horse breeding has gone up in the past few years, though of course with trotters we are talking about totally different numbers. Anyhow, riding horses are the second most popular section at the time, and the strongest growing one. With P-studs it looks like the trend is getting lower, in the year 2008 only a little more than 50 broodmares used their services. In the big scale their situation still looks better when comparing to the 90s! I still believe that in the future the “finnpony” will increase it’s popularity. It’s only a matter of time…

This graph shows the overall finnhorse age-classes distribution. The green line represents the amount of all horses in the age-class, and the blue line shows how many of these were bred with a trotter’s career in mind. As the amount of foals born each year has now settled around 1300, the amount of riding- and other usage horses has increased. Still it’s a fact that many trotters change their profession during the years and practically all the riding horses also have trotter’s blood in them, despite the R-sire lines that are still young and a huge minority when comparing. That’s not necessarily that bad thing though the two professions are very different – it IS a true allrounder horse!


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