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Tuokkolan Touho and B.Helmiina are people’s choice for the next royals

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Tuokkolan Touho ja B. Helmiina yleisön suosikkeja kuninkaallisiksi ( 8.6.2011)

Photo: Hippola/Irina Keinänen.

Teivo’s Finnhorse Trotting Championships are only two months away. had a poll about people’s choices for the new Trotting King and Queen to be. The favourites were stallion Tuokkolan Touho and mare B. Helmiina, who have also shown great success in spring’s toughest races and are known as strong horses.

Two-time queen B. Helmiina (2006 & 2007) had mysterious hormone trouble for the last few years, but seems to have found her strength again. Trainer Reijo Borgström is pleased with her situation and is feeling positive about this year’s main goal.

B. Helmiina’s opponents won’t let her go easy – it’s going to be tougher than ever. Mares have given their audiences exciting shows in this year’s first class races. Speed statistics show seven mares in the top ten, which tells cold facts about top mares’ fitness.

Tuokkolan Touho, 8 years, has trotted his way to the sharpest edge of finnhorse stallions. He has made quite a career all the way, with a winning percent of 62. “He could have joined already last year, but I felt that the horse wasn’t ready enough so I decided to save him. This year we are going, if everything seems ok”, promises Tuokkolan Touho’s trainer and part owner Seppo Suuronen.

Suuronen himself  has  an impressive career in the trotting championships, too: a four-time (1988-1991) Trotting King  Patrik (Tuokkolan Touho’s second sire) was also trained and partly owned by him.

“It’s all about the horse, but of course it’s great to win the King’s crown. I have that much experience, that I don’t participate until the horse has expectations. Otherwise that tough race only makes things worse” knows Suuronen.

More about the trotting championships:


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