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Vilpotar is the work horse champion 2011

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Vilpotar voitti valtakunnallisen työmestaruuskilpailun ( 13.6.2011)

The tough competition ended up being one mare’s overpower with over three points lead. :) Vilpotar is owned by Markku & Taina Mässeli, located in Virolahti in South-Eastern Finland.

See the complete results here Looks like it has been girl power in this year’s competition!

Links on horse’s names will take you to Sukuposti horse database for pedigrees & photos.

1. m Vilpotar

2. m Anan Jalo

3. m Luomutar

4. m Laippa

5. m Jojoriina

6. m Suvi-Purje

7. s Toja

8. m Vokmarin Vappu

9. s Suikun Lukko

10. s Hilton Hurra

11. m Virkun Tyttö


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