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Photo: Patrikin Muisto (c) Hippola

Earlier I wrote that Patrikin Muisto would not be joining Elitkampen in Solvalla this year -luckily I was wrong! The interview I saw in IS Ravit web magazine was from last year, when he couldn’t participate. Silly me!

Tomorrow’s race shall be interesting. Will the two great Finns continue showing their superiority to the Swedes and Norwegians or will they have to bend under pressure? I’m hopeful, since Finns have been doing great job in this year’s international races, not to even mention the four-time winnings in Vincennes. :D

Elitkampen 2011
1 Juni Blixten* (SE) Björn Goop 1609:1 21,2aly 22,8ly 142751 €
2 Patrikin Muisto Jouko Tarvainen 1609:2 20,7aly 23,4ke 203886 €
3 Tähen Tuuri Terho Rautiainen 1609:3 21,2aly 23,4ke 123211 €
4 Moe Brage* (NO) Dagfinn Aarum 1609:4 20,0aly 21,9ly 654529 €
5 Feseth Lynet* (NO) Jan Ove Olsen 1609:5 20,1aly 22,8ly 295334 €
6 Hallsta Lotus* (… Ulf Ohlsson 1609:6 19,6aly 21,1ly 533532 €
7 Ramstad Eld* (NO) Jan Rune Gaustad 1609:7 21,1aly 23,8ly 148208 €
8 Fakse* (SE) Åke Svanstedt 1609:8 20,5aly 22,2ly 279430 €
9 Åsajerven* (NO) Tor Wollebaek 1609:9 20,5aly 22,0ly 654312 €
10 Stamping* (SE) Peter Eriksson 1609:10 22,8aly 23,1ke 249596 €
11 Faksen J:r* (SE) Erik Adielsson 1609:11 21,6aly 22,7ly 261267 €
12 Slettvoll Rambo* (NO) Ulf Eriksson 1609:12 21,3aly 23,1ly 264628 €

Source: Fintoto


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