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Cameron has died

Cameron kuoli suolikierteeseen ( 28.3.2012)

A known stallion, one of the best sires for the last few year’s sire statistics, Cameron has deceased due to intestinal failure. Owner Veikko Herranen told that they had been travelling to Tampere for races, when they got a phone call from home. Everything was not right. A vet had come to see Cameron and they were trying to take him to Hyvinkää horse hospital for surgery, but it was too late.

The 17-year-old stallion was a super-talented trotter of his time, the abosulte king of his age-class, winning both Kriterium and Derby races and Suurmestaruus race at older age. His record was 1.22,7a, he raced 84 times with 20 wins and earned 145 680 euro.

He stood in stud since the year 2000 and has 190 registered foals to date. His best foals have been mare Cordiitta (Kriterium-winner), Gustav Dahlia (Pikkukunkku-winner and Derby silver medalist) and a fresh 75-winner Calimero. Altogether his progeny includes six quality trotters (record below 1.25,0) and 19 of his foals have trotted below 1.30,0.

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Certificates from mid-20th century

Smerikal has found these beautiful certificates from 50s and 60s.

Lusta’s prize certificate from Myrskylä races held 30th of March in 1952. She got a 500 mark prize for her 4th place and another 500 for her 3rd place in another race. Tough mare!

Young stallion Vili-Poika received a III+ prize from a foal show held in 1960 in Loviisa.

Lusta was inspected for studbook in April 1951.

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Turon Pilkku is the Ice King 2012

Turon Pilkku voitti Jääkuninkuuden taistellen ( 18.3.2012)

Turon Pilkku (10) fought to win at Levi ice king race. Photo: Hippola/Teemu Moisio

Turon Pilkku was not confused by icy track on lake Levi’s ice, and fought to convincing win at Jääkuningas (ice king) race for coldbloods. He was driven by Jarmo Saarela, who won two other races on Sunday as well, resulting to be the driver of the day. Turon Pilkku trotted the 2100m race in 1.29,9 km-time.

This Arctic Horse Race event was the second one of it’s kind, and resulted even better than last year. Audience grew to 4211 people and tote bets exchange was as great as 203 983 euro.

“Next year we will do even better” told Jouko Kangas, Turon Pilkku’s local trainer and race organiser. Project manager Mikko Saarinen was also feeling very positive about the day. “We have come a step forward and will develop this event calmly even further.” The Arctic Horse Race was held in sunny -1 celsius grade weather.

Photo: Hippola/Teemu Moisio

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Finnhorses performed well at Helsinki Horse Fair

Suomenratsut Horse Fairissa 3.-4.3. (

Finnhorse rider’s association and their part-club, that specializes in finnish work horses, Työhevosharrastajat, were present at the Horse Fair in Helsinki. They had riding- and harnessing shows, pony-sized stallion (last year’s silver medalist in the finnhorse carriage driving championships by the way) Friisin Paletti performed in carriage driving show and stallion Silvolan Hemminki performed with original Finnish army saddle and traditional march music playing on the back. Riders had also two patting horses with them for the audience to pat and cuddle. Vänni and Prittakitti worked also as models at saddle fitting shows.

Silvolan Hemminki (photo from the original article at

One of the most discussed events of the weekend was Tunne Hevonen dressage challenge, which included a dressage course ridden without bit, spurs or whip. Two out of four ridden horses were finnhorses, Hessin Jeviiri and Silkki Musta performed well under saddle as well.

Silkki Musta at 3:14 and Hessin Jeviiri at 5:17 :)

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Results from Ypäjä inspection

This year’s first stallion inspection was held in Ypäjä in January 23rd. These  five stallions were inspected for breeding, four of them in J (trotter)- and Kiripassi for T(work horse) -studbook. The links will take you to Sukuposti horse database for more photos and further pedigree information.

Kiripassi 1471-06TaR

s. Apassi (J) 20,0a

d. Kiri-Likka






Mirandos 2227-04J

s. Erovisku (J) 23,7a

d. Mervi






Ponnen Onni 1951-04J

s. Viesker (J) 19,9a

d. Ponnen-Leikki (J) 27,5a






Tähtitase 2242-07J

s. Turo (J) 23,8a

d. Tähtihuvi (J) 22,1a






Vinkker 1855-96J

s. Vinkkara (J) 23,5a

d. Tamori (J) 32,2a






Photos: Hippos photo bank / Eero Perttunen

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Anan Jalo is a perfect package

Kuukauden työhevonen: Anan Jalo (Työ

ANAN JALO 2574-98T
born 21st of May 1998
s. El Vihuri
d. Tippa Ana

owner Laila Lahtinen
breeder Tuomo Setälä

Anan Jalo, or “Ansku”, is a first-prize work horse mare. She was inspected in Mäntyharju 2005 with pulling test.

Laila Lahtinen saw many horses until this individual was found. She bought her in 2004. The previous owner was so sure that the horse and the lady would match, that he brought Anan Jalo to Laila’s home and promised to take the horse back if she was not satisfied. Needless to say, Ansku stayed.

Anan Jalo is a familiar face in the work horse competitions, year after year. In 2011 she placed second in the work horse championships and in the Juankoski pulling contest she won.

Anan Jalo’s training program is mostly driving with a heavy carriage on hilly roads, which makes it diverse.  The strength practising goes with a sleigh on a field. They have 25kg sand sacks which they add to the sleigh up until 600 kilograms. Laila thinks that recovery is essential part of the training and massages the horse herself.

This well-planned training program has earned this pair a bunch of prizes from work horse events. The years of working together have taught both to read each other, so the teamwork is truly seamless. When asked for Anan Jalo’s best charasteristics, Laila answers without doubt “THE WHOLE PACKAGE.”

original text by Kirsti Forssen

photos by Tanja Lundsten/Kirsti Forssen


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