It's all about the only native Finnish horse breed!

Photo of the week: Just born


I’m having such a foal fever right now..

Photo by Smerikal.

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Author: Viivi

I'm Finnish media student and finnhorse enthusiast. I started my blog "National Treasure" in 2009. I'm aiming to provide information about this multipurpose horse breed in English, in all its variety -as a historical and cultural figure, modern sport horse, friend and a companion. The blog is my tribute for the national horse of Finland.

5 thoughts on “Photo of the week: Just born

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  3. Thanks, I have left a message on Smerikal’s flickr page. : )


  4. This is such a beautiful photograph. Would you mind if I painted it?


    • Oh, I would definitely want to see your painting!!
      Actually I am not the one to ask this, since it’s Smerikal’s photo, but I can’t think any reason why not.


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