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Young riding horses competing at Ypäjä


Taika Tami at last year’s (2010) elimination at Harju.

Photo by Peppi-Emilia Salmi

The age classes from three- to five year old finnhorses have an annual competition of their own at Ypäjä, called Laatuarvostelu (warmblood horses have their own Breeder’s Prize competition, so I’m having trouble translating this), an age-class competition for R-breeding section horses (of course the pony-sized can sign in too).

The eliminations were held at Harju, Perho, Ruukki and Ypäjä earlier in the spring, and soon it’s the time for the finals, which takes place at Ypäjä.

1 m Harjun Murmeli
2 m Kuningatar Tuike
3 s Harju-Vetopeli
4 s Karkurin Tango
5 m Katallin Leidilei
6 m Lakeuden Hallayö
7 m Ilolan Martta
8 s Palon Totemi
9 s Romeon Poju
10 g Ilaron Poika
11 s Kurt Ruben
12 g Runopoika
13 s Ypäjä Arska
14 g Lavilan Jussi
15 m Piparilla
16 m Liljan Lumous
17 m Lavilan Minttu (P)
18 m Lavilan Muru (P)
19 m Jerinda
20 m Ypäjä Armeli
21 s Ypäjä Artsi
22 m Ania
23 g Kajon Hurmuri
24 m Nekku Etevä
25 m Helmi Vilistäjä
26  s Vinski Valdemar
27 m Iiriksen Lempi
28 s Ässän Onni
29 m Aamukaste
30 m Pikku-Tarkka

1. s A.T.Mikael
2. g Säteen Jasperi
3. s Anisian Alvar
4. g Veli Viimeinen
5. s Taika Tami
6. g Jatkolan Keikari
7. m Janella
8. g Jaihe
9. m Kiieksen Lilja
10. m Haapamäen Helmi
11. s Koivuahon Vänni
12. m Sanni Salama
13. g Huson Ryske
14. m Suvi-Juttu
15. s Ruskan Reipas
16. s Pihan Pinkasu
17. g  Jyrkkiön Oliver
18. s Vilppulan Valo
19. s Murron Into
20. m Anisian Aamu (I/2010)
21. s Niisun Nestori (II/the most promising jumper 2010)
22. m Hunajakaneli (III/2010)
23. m Aho-Orvokki (the most promising dressage horse 2010)

The five-year-old finalists will be announced later.

Aho-Orvokki at last year’s eliminations at Harju.

Photo by Peppi-Emilia Salmi

See the tables:



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Author: Viivi

I'm Finnish media student and finnhorse enthusiast. I started my blog "National Treasure" in 2009. I'm aiming to provide information about this multipurpose horse breed in English, in all its variety -as a historical and cultural figure, modern sport horse, friend and a companion. The blog is my tribute for the national horse of Finland.

2 thoughts on “Young riding horses competing at Ypäjä

  1. Question coming from the US: I haven’t heard of the finnhorse, but am interested in what breeds do they closely resemble?


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